Everyone is welcome!

Only in San Francisco can you find an experience this unique. . .

Yoga on the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral is a distinctive and soulful experience set against the backdrop of San Francisco's iconic Grace Cathedral. The cathedral, with its stunning Gothic architecture, expansive interiors, and intricate labyrinths, offers a serene and sacred environment that amplifies the holistic benefits of the yoga practice.

The juxtaposition of the spiritual aura of the cathedral and the meditative nature of yoga creates a unique experience, fostering a deep sense of connection, unity, and tranquility.

The sessions— taught by Darren Main and accompanied by live music, are open to participants of all levels and backgrounds, making them both an inclusive community gathering and a transformative personal journey. The profound stillness of the cathedral, combined with the harmonious flow of the yoga sequences, encourages introspection and a profound exploration of the self, allowing participants to emerge rejuvenated and spiritually enriched.