Explore this ancient healing and mindfulness practice from the comfort of your own space..


Embark on a transformative practice with Darren Main. This all-levels online class brings ancient wisdom to your living room—weaving a flowing sequence of yoga poses with breathwork, and meditation. Strengthen and restore your body with graceful asanas, harness the power of breath for mindfulness, and find inner calm through meditation.

  • Suitable for all levels, Darren's classes offer modifications for beginners and challenges for experienced practitioners.

  • Explore a well-rounded yoga practice, combining breathwork, asanas (postures), and meditation for holistic well-being.

  • Connect with a supportive online community of like-minded individuals passionate about yoga and personal growth.

  • Stream on phones, tablets, laptops even your TV.

  • Enjoy personalized attention as Darren provides real-time feedback and adjustments during the virtual class.

Janie Oliker

Sunday yoga with Darren is the best way to start off my day and the week. I’ve loved practicing with Darren since I first met him Tuesdays at Grace Cathedral. (And if you’ve never tried that, let me put in a quick plug for that too!) He infuses his practice with mediation and awareness of ourselves as much as our bodies. It is a spiritual, varied, and always just what I needed practice. Join us!


  • Can I practice with an injury or a medical/psychiatric condition?

    This class is suitable for most people but it's important to discuss yoga and meditation practice with your healthcare provider —especially if you are being treated for a condition or injury.

  • What props do I need for this practice?

    You will need a yoga mat to practice. Other suggested props include a yoga block and a yoga strap.

  • How experienced do I need to be with yoga?

    Beginners are always welcome. Just remember to rest offen, ask for guidance and modify your practice as needed.

  • Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

    I offer a discounted rate for students, elders and those who are underemployed.