Unlock Your Inner Peace and Purpose

This six-week online meditation class taught by Darren Main includes guided meditations, yoga, and other mindfulness techniques to help you cultivate an inner calmness. With this comprehensive program, you'll gain clarity in navigating life's challenges while developing lasting mental health benefits, such as improved focus and concentration.

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Learn the secrete of maintaining a daily meditation practice.

  • Simple meditation technique

  • Inspiring video lessons

  • Live online mediation classes

  • Guided Audio Meditations

  • FREE online yoga classes

  • Build a lifelong practice



$195, Early bird $175, Elder/student $150


    1. Course Overview

    2. Free Online Yoga

    3. Resources

    4. How to Meditate

    1. Managing Distractions

    2. Creating a Daily Practice

    3. Guided Meditation #1

    4. Meditation Group [online]-Session One

    5. Yoga Practice [online]-Session One

    1. Meditation and Emotional Intelligence

    2. Guided Meditation #2

    3. Meditation Group [online]-Session Two

    4. Yoga Practice [online]-Session Two

    1. Meditation and Stress Management

    2. Guided Meditation #3

    3. Meditation Group [online]-Session Three

    4. Yoga Practice [online]-Session Three

    1. The Psychology of Meditation

    2. Guided Meditation #4

    3. Meditation Group (online)-Session Four

    4. Yoga Practice [online]-Session Four

    1. Diet and Meditation

    2. Guided Meditation #5

    3. Meditation Group (online)-Session Five

    4. Yoga Practice [online]-Session Five

About this course

  • 30 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


A Journey of Self-Discovery and Community

Shannon Larson

Meditation is a practice I often gravitate toward when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, but I’ve found it challenging to commit to a daily practice in the past. Darren’s meditation course helped me set realistic goals and commit to meditation each day by holding myself accountable in a group setting. I enjoyed the sense of community and the opportunity to listen and share my experience in a safe space. Darren provided helpful meditation techniques and an overview in yogic philosophy to understand the benefits and deeper purpose of the practice that I will continue to use for years to come.


Thomas Finn

This class inspired me to maintain a daily meditation routine that I hold to this day. It encouraged discussion among yogis from around the world. I am eternally grateful to Darren, and all the others I met through his class, for helping me discover more about myself.

Transformed Practice

Gennie G

After years of on-again-off-again meditating, this meditation course finally got me into a consistent routine that really changed my relationship with the practice. Darren is a great teacher and was always ready with a creative analogy or thoughtful explanation in response to the group's questions. The support of the group was also a game-changer for me, and every week I looked forward not only to Darren's lesson but also to hearing about and learning from others' challenges and progress.


Meditation Teacher Darren Main

Darren Main is a seasoned meditation teacher and acclaimed author who has dedicated over three decades to the study and dissemination of mindfulness practices. With an approach deeply rooted in bridging the ancient tenets of meditation with modern living, he has empowered countless individuals to navigate the complexities of their lives with greater clarity, balance, and purpose. Through his books, workshops, and teachings, Darren continues to be a guiding force in the realm of mindfulness, inspiring individuals to tap into their innate potential for inner peace and transformation.